What words are there to sum up a life? If there are few to sum up any life, surely there are fewer than zero to sum up Chris' life.

While he hasn't become the superhero or baseball star he yearned to be in childhood, Chris has reached a certain level of fame, mostly within his own circle of friends. Sure, some might call it "infamy," but we call it "admiration."

While keeping up with a busy family life, he sometimes manages to spit out random phrases or post the occasional picture (or, more accurately, someone posts one of him). He is a husband, father, brother, son, Christian, Dr. Pepper connoisseur, web designer/developer, amateur filmmaker, podcaster, avid Cowboys fan, and sometimes blogger.

Well, my friend, it looks like we did it. We were able to pigeon-hole Chris in a few choice words. Let this be a lesson to you.